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Please be advised, the insurance company has place the following exclusions on all new policies:


We will not pay for any loss or expense caused directly or indirectly by or resulting from the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov), Covid-19 or any subsequent naming by the World Health Organization of Coronavirus or mutation thereof and sequelae.


It is understood and agreed that this policy does not cover any loss caused by, contributed to by or attributable to, directly or indirectly, a Communicable Disease or fear or threat of a Communicable Disease.

Communicable Disease means any disease capable of being transmitted from an infected person or species to a susceptible host, either directly or indirectly.

For clarity, “fear” is assumed when there is any disinclination to attend an event or any reduction in attendance that is attributable to the outbreak of a Communicable Disease.  “Threat” is assumed when a government or public authority deems or confirms a threat of a Communicable Disease outbreak or pandemnic either in writing or in any other form of media.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.

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